The Head MASTer

Prof. Min Wu

Ph.D. Students

Chau-Wai Wong

Adi Hajj-Ahmad

Abbas Kazemipour

Qiang Zhu

Ph.D. Alumni

Yinian Mao (2006): "Securing Multi-layer Communications: A Signal Processing Approach";  Job at Qualcomm - Security Group;

Guan-Ming Su (2006): "Dynamic Resource Allocation for Multiuser Video Streaming"; Job at Dolby Laboratories;

Hongmei Gou (2007): "Digital Forensic Techniques for Graphic Data"; Job at Texas Instrument;

Shan He (2007): "A Joint Coding and Embedding Framework for Multimedia Fingerprinting"; Job at Thomson Corporate Research;

Meng Chen (2007): "Error Control and Concealment of Visual Communications"; Job at PCTEL Inc;

Ashwin Swaminathan (2008): "Multimedia Forensic Analysis via Intrinsic and Extrinsic Fingerprints"; Job at Qualcomm Research.

Avinash Varna (2011): "Multimedia Protection Using Content and Embedded Fingerprints"; Job at Intel DRM group.

Wenjun Lu (2011): "Preserving Trustworthiness and Confidentiality for Online Multimedia"; Job at Google.

Wei-Hong Chuang (2012): "Resiliency Assessment and Enhancement of Intrinsic Fingerprinting"; Job at Yelp.

Ravi Garg (2013): "Time and Location Forensics for Multimedia"; Job at Intel.

Hui Su (2014): "Temporal and Spatial Alignment of Multimedia Signals"; Job at Google.

M.S. Alumni

Kenny Ho (2008): "Uplink Channel Estimation in WiMAX". Currently at Raytheon.

Undergraduate Researchers

Elizabeth Do

Christine Lu

Christine McKay

Cleo M. Schneider

Malcolm Taylor


Chang-Hong Fu

A. V. Subramanyam

Yanpin Ren